We are a small 501c3 public charity based in the Harisburg Pa Area. The company  name is Help With Parkinsons Inc. Our purpose is to use technology to  help people with Parkinson's and their caregivers to have the best quality of life possible. In 2008 we started doing podcasts.  Then we used our website to help people in the area to keep track of upcoming events
We have about 73 high quality podcasts, and we keep track of three Parkinson's support groups.  The first 65 podcasts are highly informative and are great reference material.  The latest  podcasts are more  regarding the 
personal side of having Parkinson's  

Because of the pandemic we are switching over to recording virtual support group meetings . 



Warren Butvinik
Founder and President
Diana Butvinik
Vice President
Catalina Araiza


West Shore Parkinson's Support Group

Located at Bethan Village

Harrisburg East Shore Parkinson's Support Group 

Located  at Helen  Simpson Rehab  in Harrisburg


Parkinson's Caregiver support group

Located in The Giant Foods  at Linglestown Rd

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